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Engineering Plant Capacity

A&Z Engineering (Reading) Limited undertake both low and high volume production, using CNC controlled precision engineering equipment for turning and milling with the aid of co-ordinate measuring equipment, highly skilled engineers, MasterCam CAD-CAM system which is linked directly to the machines. 

Along with current standard methods we also use a Rumbler and sand blaster to aid in deburring and general clean up of machined components where required.

Hurco VMX 50 Hurco VMX50S Milling Centre with Nikkon 5 Axis Rotary Table and Renishaw Probing
24 Tool  X = 50” (1270mm)  Y = 26” (660mm)  Z=24” (610mm)
Okuma MX-40HA Okuma MX-40HA Milling Centre with Renishaw Probing
60 Tools  X = 22" (559mm)  Y = 24" (610mm)  Z = 22" (559mm)
Hurco VMX 40

Hurco VMX 40 Mill with Renishaw Probing and coolant through spindle
X = 24” (610mm)  Y = 16” (406mm)  Z = 21” (534mm)

With coolant through spindle

2 Okuma LB15II Lathes
Each with 8" (203mm) chucks and 2" (51mm) through spindles.  Maximum turn diameter 8" (203mm). 

Maximum turn length between centres 19.5" (495mm)

2 Okuma LB15II Lathes
with 10" (254mm) chuck and 2.5" (64mm) through spindle.  Maximum turn diameter 10" (254mm).  Maximum turn length between centres 19.5" (495mm)
  Hardinge manual lathe
with 6" (150mm) chuck and Collets
Mitutoyo BX303 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

MasterCam CAD-CAM computer system with Machine Shop Estimator
  Abra-Fin Rumbler
  Geometric Shadowgraph with computerised calculations

BSI ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Citation Health and Safety Registered Member

Engineering for Automotive, Aviation and Manufacturing Industries