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Our CNC Machining Capacity

A&Z Engineering (Reading) Limited undertake both low and high volume production, using CNC controlled precision engineering machines for turning and milling with the aid of our new CNC co-ordinate measuring machine, SolidWorks CAD-CAM system and our highly skilled engineers.  We have also recently invested in a new MRP system by Tricorn with full scheduler.

Over the past five years we have updated and grown our machine list allowing for increased productivity and capacity. We know how important it is to have the right machinery so only invest in brand new high end, up to date technology - we do not compromise on the quality nor the brand to ensure we keep our products at the highest standard and our work flow uninterrupted. 


Mori Seiki NZ1500 Twin Spindle Twin Turret Multi-tasking Lathe with bar feeder

64 Tools   X = 1270mm (50”)   Y = 66mm (2.6”)   Z = 610mm (24”).

Okuma LB4000MY Lathe with live tooling & Y Axis

15” (381mm) Chuck – 500mm turn diameter with 600mm machining length.    76mm through bore. 

Okuma LB2000 Lathe with live tooling and bar feeder

8" (203mm) chuck and 2" (51mm) through spindle. Maximum turn diameter 12" (305mm).    Maximum turn length between centres 15" (381mm).

XYZ ProTurn SLX 1630 Lathe

With 8” Chuck and 52mm through spindle.  Maximum turn length between centres 218mm.

Two Okuma LB15II Lathes

Each with 8" (203mm) chuck and 2" (51mm) through spindle.     Maximum turn diameter 8" (203mm).  Maximum turn length between centres 19.5" (495mm).

Okuma LB15II Lathe

With 10" (254mm) chuck and 2.5" (64mm) through spindle.    Maximum turn diameter 10" (254mm).    Maximum turn length between centres 19.5" (495mm)


Okuma Mill GENOS M560-V Vertical Mill with Nikken 5 Axis

30 Tools   X = 1050mm (41”)   Y = 560mm (22”)   Z = 460mm (18”) + Nikken 5 axis simultaneous rotary table

Okuma MX-40HA Milling Centre Twin Pallet

60 Tools   X = 559mm (22")   Y = 610mm (24")   Z = 559mm (22")

XYZ 710 VMC Mill

24 Tools   X = 710mm (28”)   Y = 450mm (17”)   Z = 500mm (19.7”)


Mitutoyo CMM CRT-A-S574 - fully programmable Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo BX303 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Geometric Shadowgraph with computerised calculations

Extra Equipment

BenchMark 320 Marking System by Telesis

Delapena Manual SpeedHone ‘E’ Machine

J&S Grinder 540P

Cutmaster Amada HA-250 Automatic Bandsaw

Electro Arc Spark Eroder Tap Extractor

Broaching Machine

Lansing Fork Lift 1.6 Tonne

Vixen Miniwash 480


In 2017 we invested in SolidCAD and full SolidCAM by SolidSolutions enabling us to program and link computer programming directly to our machinery.

MRP Tricorn with real time Scheduler.

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