Over the past 50 years, we have worked within a variety of industries - we originally started with the automotive industry working with Formula One racing teams and manufacturers, gear box manufacturers and we built up our portfolio to work with the Oil and Gas, electronic, railway, nuclear, engine restoration of older classic vehicles, lighting displays, bicycles, boating and marina sectors amongst others.

We also have had a number of wonderful customers who have smaller bespoke machining requirements, which we always welcome.

We are proud to have worked with every single one of our customers and we thought to showcase a small number of the rather special projects we were fortunate enough to work together on.


Thrust ssc

We had the pleasure of helping make the Thrust SSC break the land speed record - which they still hold today! We turned and milled various vital parts in the production of the Thrust SSC after we were recommended to them by Hewland Engineering (thank you again Hewland). We were invited to the workshop on a number of occasions to view production of the car and be a part of stage events - to see the Thrust up close was just amazing and it makes you appreciate the knowledge and technology involved in producing such a car.

We were honoured to chat with Glynne Bowsher and Richard Noble who were part of the main developers of the Thrust SSC, and of course Andy Green, the brave man that drove the Thrust SSC into the world record books - Andy had already superb experience with driving at extreme speeds as he came from a Royal Air Force background as a fighter pilot. Richard Noble was the first Land Speed Record holder back in 1993 with the Thrust2.

Thrust SSC holds the world land speed record, set on 15 October 1997, when it achieved a speed of 1,228 km/h (763 mph) and became the first land vehicle to officially break the sound barrier.



new ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom unveiled

We were approached by Blinding Light in 2017 with a vision of creating an amazing lighting effect which would showcase the brand new, 8th generation Phantom Ignition GT at Bonhams in London.

We machined and perfectly polished over one hundred stainless steel tubes in varying lengths and diameters in order that Blinding Light were able to produce an amazing multi tiered chandelier which surrounded the new Phantom with a stunning lightshow.

Click on the link to watch the unveiling.

Just amazing!

reveal 5.JPG